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Thom Caterpillar

NAME: Thom Caterpillar
LIVES IN: Vienna
FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Ennio Morricone (biggest influence on my style of music), Greg Howe and Yngwie Malmsteen (my two idols concerning absolute freedom on the fretboard), George Lynch, Janet Baker, Slipknot, Tori Amos, Antonin Dvorak, Ozzy & Zakk Wilde, Skew Syskin, Antonio Vivaldi, Slash, Billy Idol & Steve Stephens, Depeche Mode etc.etc.

FAVORITE RECORD: too many to be counted
FAVORITE MOVIE: For a few Dollars more, Face off, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway

FAVORITE TV-SHOW: King of Queens, The Apprentice
FAVORITE FOOD: Sushi, fruit,steak with truffled mashed potatoes
FAVORITE DRINK: fresh squeezed fruit juice, green tea, protein drinks
WHAT I WANT THE WORLD 2 KNOW: Make love, not war. Still a good attitude.

1976: I started to play the flute
1980: I started playing the piano
1982: My brother got an acoustic guitar. He could hardly practice on it, because I started playing hardrock on this thing every free minute. A few years later I got my first electric guitar. I took private lessons, then soon started giving lessons myself. Since then I've played in several bands, I've done studio jobs, many live-gigs, recorded a lot of music in my home studio.
2003: My first Solo-CD Caterpillar has been released. Beside full-speed-high-end guitars there is also a lot of very calm music on this disc.
2005: Working on my second Solo-CD which will be released by the end of the year. My homepage is finished and online. And of course lots of live-gigs with Stiletto. See you there!


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