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Tommy Young


Tommy Young
Yes, I'm back on the road !

Plays: the bass guitar
I like my Warwick bass
and my Sandberg bass,
my Trace Eliott amp
and my Gallien Krueger amp !
What a big sound !

Born: in Vienna
I love my hometown
So I'm still here !

Music: It's great to play hardrock
with the wonderful guys of Stiletto !
All started with hardrock
a long time ago !


Bands: Lästerorchester, very political !
Excalibur, a big time with my brother !
Ballroom Blitz, really a 4 year thrill
         from Budapest to London !
since March 1993: Räumungsalarm, again very political
since September 2005: Stiletto, big crazy hardrock !
2009 - 2012: LieAsS, Morbid Loop Metal
         1. CD 2009, 2. CD 2010, 3. CD 2011
2010 - 2011: BPB Barbara Pak Band
since November 2011: The Rock Communion
         Rockklassiker aus den 70ern
since January 2012: Blackest Sabbath
         The Austrian Black Sabbath Tribute Band
since January 2013: Whiskey on the Roxx


Blackest Sabbath

Weitere Inhalte


Crazy Stiletto

On vocals, the one and only...


Mikky Slade

On guitar


Flash Thomson

On guitar


Mark Steel

On keyboard


Tommy Young

On bass, half man, half beast...


The Wonderful Sir Martin

On drums, the man, who needs no introduction...

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